⚠️ We are facing a VERY HIGH VOLUME of applications for assistance. If you are seeking assistance, please be patient as we work on increasing our capacity and responding to all

רֹדֵף צְדָקָה וָחָסֶד, יִמְצָא חַיִּים צְדָקָה וְכָבוֹד

About Us

Chasdei Kaduri Jewish Food Bank was founded by a local family in 2013, in loving memory of Kaduri Samorali, a father and grandfather. Kaduri was a very special and giving man who always extended a helping hand to those in need. The organization started out after the family realized the need in the Jewish community and began by assisting four local families. Since it’s inception the demand for assistance has been on a worrying increase.

Today, Chasdei Kaduri Jewish Food Bank is a registered Canadian Charitable Organization. It is the largest Food Bank that is fully operated by volunteers, dedicated to providing weekly delivery of non-perishable food, fresh bakery goods, produce, eggs, dairy, toiletries, and more to thousands of needy Jewish families in the GTA area.

Our clients get online access to our stock of thousands of Kosher items. They shop online and get their personal selections delivered to their door every week, for free.