Corporate Giving

Through charitable grants and donations, our corporate supporters provide much needed funding. Sponsorship and marketing opportunities are also available.

Grants and Donations

We are very grateful to our many corporate donors. Through charitable grants and donations, our corporate supporters provide much needed funding. By being a volunteer-run organization, we have virtually no fundraising and administrative costs. By making a financial contribution to Chasdei Kaduri, you are making an investment in our effective organization, our Jewish community, and in people who will benefit from your help in their time of need. Your support to Chasdei Kaduri reflects your corporate values and the values of the community in which you do business.

Food and In-Kind Donations

We accept donations from the food industry including items that are close to code, cosmetically damaged, mislabelled, overstock, inadequate weight, returns, and errors. As a donor, you can be confident that your products are handled safely and with care. All donors are protected by the Ontario Donation of Food Act, 1994, which absolves those who donate in good faith from liability.

Sponsorship and Marketing Opportunities

We have many sponsorship opportunities available that provide funds we need for vital programs and events while delivering a healthy return on investment to the companies who choose to make this type of investment. By supporting our charitable programs in this way, we can be instrumental in helping you build your brand and enhance your customer experience and loyalty.

Workplace Events and Food Drives

Companies and their employees make a difference together! It’s a way to help people who have lost their job or are underemployed, and need help until they get back on their feet. As an employer you can show your support for our community and your employees by encouraging these workplace initiatives. You may wish to select a representative to organize an office food drive or fundraiser.

Employee Matching Program

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions or volunteer hours made by their employees to Chasdei Kaduri. If not already in place, consider starting a matching gift policy.